How do I Get More Leads in my Career in Real Estate?

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When you start your career in real estate it can be difficult to generate leads. Especially, when the market isn’t working in your favour. However, it is important to develop tactics and strategies to ensure that you can generate leads no matter what the world throws at you. Although, it is important to note that lead generation has a lot to do with your reputation and nurturing the relationships that you build. But, as a new agent, it can be hard to form new relationships without a solid contact base. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you start generating valuable leads. Follow along below as we go over some of the best ways to gain new clients as a real estate agent!

Ask Friends & Family for Help in the Early Days of Your Career in Real Estate.

During the early stages of your real estate career, you might want to lean on friends and family for help. Ask your family or friends if they know of anyone who is in need of an agent. Or, hop on the Internet and get in touch with your extended family or acquaintances. More often than not, someone will know someone who needs a real estate agent. From here you’ll be able to gain a bit of business and begin nurturing these relationships.

Join Social Media Groups!

Social media is a great way to, well—be social. The ability to connect with other real estate professionals and homeowners in your area is a serious advantage. And, one that is easily accessible through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Join groups of like-minded individuals and get mingling. You can also converse with people who have a similar hobby as you and start building new connections that way. After all, you never know when you’re going to run into someone who is in need of a real estate agent. 

Ask FSBOs if They Want a Hand.

Another great way to generate leads is to ask FSBOs if they want help selling their home. An FSBO is a home that is being sold by the owner. Oftentimes, when they get tired of dealing with the process themselves, they’ll turn to an agent for help. Furthermore, most FSBOs usually sell for less than they would with the help of a real estate agent. Try reaching out to some of these owners via phone or email and explain how you can be of help to them. Some benefits of using an agent might include better profit, quicker sale time, less stress and/or more free time.

Generate Leads for Your Career in Real Estate By Hosting an Open House.

Open houses have long been used as a way to generate promising leads. Once you have a client who wants to sell their home, host an open house to draw traction to the lead and gain new contacts. It is important to advertise the open house on as many platforms/places as possible. For example, post about the event on social media, put up signs, call/email contacts that might be interested and provide information about the open house on your website. On the day of the open house, leave a sign-in sheet to record people’s names and contact information. This way, even if the people don’t end up buying the home, you’ll have their contact information for the future. 

Build a Robust Digital Presence.

In the beginning stages of your career in real estate, it is important to build a robust digital presence. This will help you create a name for yourself, generate online leads, and make you more accessible to potential clients. But, what do we mean by a “robust digital presence”? Well, a robust digital presence includes a well-constructed website, 1-2 social media accounts, and great responsiveness with regards to emails, texts, and phone calls. Most people begin their search for a home online. So, it is important that potential clients can find you where they’re already looking—on the Internet. 

Sponsor A Unique Local Event!

Sponsoring a local event is a great way to get into the community and familiarize people with your name. Not only this, but unique local events often draw out groups of people that correlate to a specific target market. For example, a fundraiser for green energy might appeal to people who are looking for an environmentally friendly home with solar power. Or, a cooking convention might bring out people looking to acquaint themselves with the town or foodies in the market for a home with a great kitchen. Either way, community events are a great way to find business. 

Contact Us About Starting Your Career in Real Estate!

Generating leads at the start of your real estate career is a challenge that all new agents must face. It is important that you make the effort to generate new leads by getting into the community and/or building an online presence. For more information on beginning your career in real estate in Canmore, contact us today. We’d be happy to help provide you with information about how to get started in the industry. Be sure to check out our social media for the latest updates and more. We look forward to working with you in the near future!

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